Photo © Steve McGee 2013

Biff Roxby is a producer, musician, recording and live sound engineer, composer, arranger, remixer and DJ.

In 2009 he co-founded Manchester independent label Debt Records with Dan Watkins and Louis Barabbas. He is also co-director of WR Audio who specialise in PA Hire, live recording and run a large recording studio in Swinton.

As a musician he performs and records with The Bedlam Six, Liz Green, The ScrattersHoneyfeet, Shyfinger and The Hallelujah Whip. He can also be found contributing on record with acts such as B.C. Camplight, Danny Mahon, Elbow and Jamie Harrison.

As a producer he has made records with Louis BarabbasMika Doo, T. E. Yates, The Bedlam Six, Dominie Hooper, Kev Morel and Jamie Harrison as well as his own solo projects.

As a remixer he has transformed compositions by Kirsty Almeida, Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, Alabaster dePlume and many more.

He DJs under the name Roxby’s Wonky Disco in and around Manchester and co-hosts the Debt Records Radio Show on FAB Radio International with Louis Barabbas.

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