Biff Roxby is a professional trombone player (both bass and tenor), accomplished bass guitar player and former cathedral chorister with a wide vocal range. Also a capable cellist and percussionist.

“A one-man trombone army with an eye-watering vocal range… unfathomable talent!” – Louis Barabbas


“If he blows that thing any harder he’ll straighten it out!” – Hope & Social

For session rates or more information please get in touch via the contact section.

Biff currently plays for:

Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six, Honeyfeet, Scratters & The Funky Disco Pig and Liz Green.

Biff has appeared with (live or on record):

T.E. Yates, Snowapple, Kirsty Almeida, B.C Camplight, Elbow, The Wallace Collection, Physical Jerks, Kirsty McGee, Al Baker & The Dole Queue, Becca & The Broken Biscuits, The Kill Van Kulls, Hope & Social, Jamie Harrison, Alabaster Deplume, Richard Barry & The Chaps, The Hobopop Collective, Candy Says, The Travelling Band, Dark Matter, The Copernicus Ensemble, Moulettes, The Medlock Singers, John Otway, Bellyflop, Hunter Musket, Samsara, F.I.G.M.O, Matt Thomas Thompson, Chichester Cathedral Choir, Danny Mahon, The Goo Dats, Monkey Poet, The Hallelujah Whip.

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