Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six’s new album ‘Youth’ out now on Debt Records.

The new album by Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six is now on general release in 12” vinyl, compact disc and assorted digital formats from the band’s online shop and all the usual download sites.

A special website devoted to the making of the album can be viewed at www.bedlamyouth.com

Louis, Dan, Fran, Cleg, Tom and I will be drinking and failing to provide insight into the album while it plays live on Wednesday (5th March) on Debt Radio


Video for “Please Forgive Me My Human Ways”

Here is the music video to accompany the release of Bridie Jackson & The Arbour’s “Please Forgive Me My Human Ways (Roxby’s Wonky Remix)” specially commissioned for Record Store Day.

The original footage comes from ‘Day of The Killer Tornados’, a U.S. government documentary film about savage weather.

The song will be on general release through Debt Records from 6th May 2013